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Более трети населения США хотят разрушения своей страны - отделения от федерального центра. Причем если на Юге за в основном республиканцы и независимые, то на восточном побережье - демократы.

Since 2016, I have watched America’s slow march over a cliff with a mix of fascination and horror.
But the results of recent polls by Bright Line Watch have provided the first hard and frighteningly conclusive evidence that Americans are moving fast down the road I predicted—towards a national divorce.
Fourth America is dying — but the shape of Fifth America is still unwritten.
And in a way, that’s kind of exciting.
Because anyone with a brain between their ears knows the status quo in America is not working. The evidence is everywhere:
Mass shootings almost every day
Inability to agree on basic concepts like the germ theory of disease
Half the population living just $400 away from bankruptcy
Widespread housing shortage forcing people onto the streets
Complete separation between white and blue collar jobs
A university education is required to get a good job, but is expensive
600,000+ dead from a disease other countries did a better job at fighting
50% of income tax revenues flow to a military that can’t win wars
Climate disasters burning and flooding whole towns
Shortages of critical supplies and wildly varying prices
The country is falling apart, and the billionaires and political hacks running the show are selling inadequate solutions. Linear treatments to exponentially growing problems.
And this is why between 30% and 44% of Americans depending on the region support outright secession — an issue thought to have been fully resolved 150 years ago.
If you asked Americans whether they were willing to legally separate, as opposed to pursuing secession, these numbers would jump even higher.
And what is more, what is so devastating to President Joe Biden’s effort to unite Americans by, mostly, telling them they’re united in every other speech, is that these numbers have increased since January and the Capitol riot.
Even among Democrats, particularly in Pacific America — the West Coast states of California, Oregon, Washington, Hawai’i, and in this survey design Alaska — support for outright secession is incredibly high.
45% of Democrats — who are more than half of the voters out here — want to be free from D.C.
That’s only surpassed by Republicans and Independents in the South — the heart of the old Confederacy — at 66% and 50%. That’s not a surprise, given the region’s history and Republican rejection of the 2020 Presidential Election.
But that even with a Democrat in office Pacific Americans are becoming more supportive of secession — that should come as a dire warning.
There is a reason that, back in 2020 when a group of senior Democrats and Republicans gamed out how a disputed election might go, one of the main outcomes was California, Oregon, and Washington seceding.
If you go back and look at the Soviet Union in the late 1980s, the pattern should jump right out at you.


Чувак долго и довольно интересно рассуждает по поводу исторических циклов, а потом заявляет, что четвертая инкарнация Америки близка к распаду и всё что происходит напоминает поздний СССР. Выход? Создать конфедерацию! Это настолько тупое решение, что прямо диву даешься, что человек (с его слов), который предсказал много того, во что не верили последние 4 года, считает это выходом из ситуации, а не созданием Украин с последующей Беловежской пущей. Впрочем, судя по опросам, центробежные стремления действительно существуют и они нарастают. Автор, зная, что тут вам не здесь и за сепаратизм в Америке могут и посадить, говорит, что, мол, сепаратизм незаконен, но кто мешает переписать конституцию и сделать его законным? На все воля народа!

Вот, вот это вот:
It is absolutely vital to preempt this awful scenario, which could produce a split in the federal government that forces the military to take sides.
Or worse, the armed forces could fracture, creating warring factions within the wreckage of America. This would fast escalate to ethnic cleansing and likely bring in foreign powers.
After all, the United States has over 2,000 nuclear weapons ready to use. What happens to America will impact all the world.
The best option America has now follows from what the Bright Line Watch polls indicate is happening anyway: a split of the country into smaller and more culturally coherent regions.
But this must not come after a disputed election and a total collapse of the federal government.
Instead, the federal government simply needs to be formally split up.
Secession is unconstitutional — but Amending the Constitution is a basic democratic right.
The challenge is developing an Amendment both Red and Blue legislators — at the state if not federal level — can accept.
That means it has to be simple, straightforward, and reflect the real regional divisions cleaving America apart.
The Constitution must be Amended to split the federal government into at least five, if not eight, Autonomous Federal Regions made by states self-grouping.
Each AFR must be given the existing Constitution, all the federal laws and bureaucratic rules and caselaw, and invested with the right to interpret and further amend it according to the will of the regional electorate.
ALL existing federal roles except declaring war and maintaining a common currency and the right of travel between regions will be ported down to the new sub-federal governments. This includes military formations.
Each region will directly elect a single President to serve on a supra-national Presidents’ Council in D.C. They will be charged with appointing Federal Reserve bank chairs and the leaders of the remnant of the United States Armed Forces, which will only be activated in times of declared cross-region crisis.
Everything else must be done on a regional level going forward. The United States is a continental federation just like the European Union. It is full of different cultures, different perceptions of shared history.
Separation is sadly the only remaining way to keep America as united as it can be while giving different regions the flexibility their citizens demand to build the government they want.
The alternative is a messy divorce, perhaps even open civil war.
And the clock is ticking.

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