Wigs preorder №3

топ 100 блогов eclipse21 — 05.12.2010 A really gorgeous angora goat skin was presented to me... So I couldn't resist opening preorder again.))))))

This preorder is for long wigs.
I'm taking 21 slots this time.

1) Wigs preorder №3 [info]nehorowaja  pending payment
2) Wigs preorder №3 [info]hellygoes  pending payment
3)  Wigs preorder №3 [info]hellygoes  pending payment
4) Wigs preorder №3 [info]hellygoes  pending payment
5)  Ghost Shakti pending payment
6)  Wigs preorder №3 [info]m_ink  got payment
7) Wigs preorder №3 [info]karolinalem pending payment
8)  Wigs preorder №3 [info]ny1994 got payment (sh. later)
9)  Wigs preorder №3 [info]ny1994 got payment (sh.later)
10)  Wigs preorder №3 [info]atomicspacekit got payment (sh. later)
11) Wigs preorder №3 [info]atomicspacekit  got payment (sh. later)
12)  GreenWolfy got payment
13)  Wigs preorder №3 [info]luluna33  got payment (sh. later)
14)  Wigs preorder №3 [info]luluna33  got payment (sh. later)
15)  Wigs preorder №3 [info]just_one_game waiting for the info
16)  Wigs preorder №3 [info]just_one_game  waiting for the info
17) earthspirits got payment (sh. later)
18)  earthspirits got payment (sh. later)
19)  Даверт pending payment
20)  Лорд Огня Зойсайт waiting for the info
21)  Лорд Огня Зойсайт waiting for the info

Things to know about these wigs:
1) They are made out of Angora Goat's fur (this is pretty different from so-called "mohair wigs" and lama). Good Angora wefts are pretty expensive so are the wigs. TT_TT
2) The wefts are glued onto the wig cap so the cap is kinda hard, but still stretches a bit.
3) Usually, I make the wig directly on the head of the doll for which it is planned for, however I had cases where I made the wigs for my friends' dolls of other molds and the wigs still fit quite well.

Available sizes: All except tiny (as I don't own one).

Price is the same for all sizes but differs according to length of the weft.
For now only long wigs are available.
- Long (15-22cm) - 67$
- For brown please add 3$, as it is harder to get this color.

- For this preorder all wigs are planned to be ready and shipped by the middle of February as don't have much time.(((
- I accept only PayPal
- You will have to add 4% PP fee
- Shipping is not included in the price and will be calculated on a case by case basis.
- This time I will ship from Moscow, Russia.

Available colors:

Wigs preorder №3

*the real color can slightly differ from the colors above

- White (with slightly blond tips)
- Black
- Brown
- Blond
- Dark violet (available for 2 wigs only) only one left
- Red carrot

I have many examples of my works.
But these are the most suitable for this preorder.
If you want to see more examples, please go here.
If you want to see the wigs from the previous preorders, you can do it here and here


Wigs preorder №3

Wigs preorder №3

How to order:

1. Leave comment to this entry with the number of wigs you want. So you can be sure you got into "the 21". I'm not sure there will be so many orders at once, but just in case.))

2. Then within 2 days send the order form to my email [email protected]. It is easier for me to organize things when I have all your order forms in one place.
The order form(You should fill in this).
- The size of the wig ( if possible, the doll, the wig is for)
- The length of the wig ( long or medium)
- The color of the wig ( from listed above)
- Where hair should be parted ( left, right )
- You name and address ( so I could calculate the full price)
- You lj and DoA usernames

3. Please send your payment within 3 days after my answer to your letter with this form.

Thank you for you interest.*___*

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