What distinguishes European hair from Slavic?

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And now you have already decided on the purchase of curls, but have faced a difficult choice: European or Slavic hair.

If you search really good quality please write to our company. We make free consultation for you.

Unfortunately, not every woman can boast of beautiful from nature hair. But early to despair, because the our company knows the way out! Here you can buy such a head of hair, which you have dreamed about since childhood.

Thanks to our scrupulous attitude to your work you will get not only a guaranteed quality build-up, but also 100% natural strands of the highest quality

Let's see what the difference is. First of all, the difference between them in donors and the price.Slavic hair is considered to be the most expensive. Each hair is endowed with softness and silkiness, the cuts are characterized by the finest structure.

Donors of this type of hair are Slavic hair https://www.hair-charm.com/ children and women who live in Russia or Ukraine. The company can offer its customers as unpainted bundles in 5 different shades, as well as Slavic bleached hair. By the way, the latter are very valuable.

Our company uses a special expensive dyeing technology to preserve the structure of each strand. All bunches from without short hairs, they do not have liquid ends, and hair itself is cut at a time from one donor.

European strands are much cheaper than Slavic ones.

They are more available for purchase. These locks are cut off from donors in countries such as China, Indonesia and Vietnam. But even in this case, does not deal with untested suppliers. European strands we get only from a trusted person, which guarantees the receipt of quality raw materials.

The processing of unpainted sections takes place on the territory of Ukraine, so we control what happens to each lock and how. No silicone coating! Even during processing, the structure of each strand is preserved. European locks can also be worn for a long period of time, they will not lose their attractive appearance and will look healthy.

And so, we can say that the difference is what kind of hair you are looking for and what you are targeting. After all, someone wants to save, and someone - to buy the most expensive hair, which he dreamed all his life.

The choice is always yours! If the choice is not easy for you, our specialists are ready to help and tell you what is more suitable for you!With our company, your hair will be the reason for envy!

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